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Create your personal Web SOA page and make life easy for your clients.
SOA is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !
FACT: COVID-19 is changing client interactions
Agent Experience
Simplified Automated Process
When you register, ProducerMAX creates a branded web page with your personal link. Simply share that link with your clients through text or email and ProducerMAX will return to you the completed SOA in PDF format.
FACT: Web SOA is convenient for clients
Client Experience
Simplified electronic signature
Clients will open your personal SOA web page to find a simple form with clear instructions. They complete the form, and sign with finger or mouse.
FACT: ProducerMAX lets you brand your SOA page
Key Features
  • Easy, Quick, Dependable
  • Your brand on every form
  • CMS standard form, widely accepted
  • Safe - Encrypted on secure server
  • Signed SOAs direct to your inbox
FACT: All major carriers accept CMS approved generic SOA form


ProducerMAX Web SOA is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to send a link to a generic Scope of Appointment form directly to your clients. After completing, clients sign the form with a mouse or touchscreen, and the SOA document is returned to your inbox in PDF format.
ProducerMAX creates a personal webpage for you with a unique link that you provide to your clients. When they open the link, they access your page on a secure ProducerMAX server. They follow the instructions to complete the form and ProducerMAX captures and formats the data for you, returning the image to your email address.
Many carriers accept the CMS generic SOA form, including:
Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, Wellcare, SilverScript, Allwell, Centene, Devoted, Freedom, Optimum, HealthFirst, Medigold, Molina.

Carriers who do not accept the generic SOA form include:
BCBS, SelectHealth, Simply, MMM, Lasso, Healthsun
Yes. ProducerMAX SOA records the entire transaction by which the signature was created. It tracks the IP address and DateTime stamp. Each record is retained and can be accurately reproduced.
Not today. However, full integration with ProducerMAX CRM will occur in a future version. Stay tuned !
Most devices are supported. If your device supports Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge then it will work with ProducerMAX SOA. For specific questions mail
Clients can receive ProducerMAX SOA via text to a smartphone, or through email to a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Yes, ProducerMAX uses the industry standard security layer of SSL with TLSv2, and backs up your data on encrypted Amazon secured servers.
Simply click register, enter your agent information, accept the terms and conditions, and submit. ProducerMAX will email your personal page link to be shared with your clients.
Yes. We encourage agents to have HIPAA BAA agreement. Please send mail to
Compliments of Plan Advisors, all Web SOA requests by September 30th are FREE to agents for the remainder of the year 2020. Agents do not have to be affiliated with Plan Advisors to participate in the offer. Beginning January 1, 2021, agents can continue to use ProducerMAX SOA for $4.95/month.
There is no additional cost for ProducerMAX SOA if you are a ProducerMAX CRM subscriber.
There is never a charge to your clients for ProducerMAX SOA.
ProducerMAX SOA is easy to use for agents and clients. Instructional videos will be available soon and easy to follow. For specific questions or group training, mail
In face to face meetings, you can access your ProducerMAX link on your device for client signature.
Yes. ProducerMAX SOA requires an internet connection to access your SOA web page. *However, connectivity is NOT required for SOA feature built-in ProducerMAX CRM tool*
No. ProducerMAX CRM subscription cost covers the ProducerMAX SOA.
ProducerMAX SOA is currently available in English only.
Upon registration, you will receive an email that contains a button with your personal link. Simply paste the button into your webpage where desired.
For changes to your profile, please send an email for assistance to
There is no limit on SOA form submission.
If you accidentally delete or lose files due to computer malfunction, your forms can be restored from ProducerMAX servers. Send your request to
You can send an email to and we will remove your web page free of charge and with no obligations.
Yes. Refunds for prepaid subscription will be prorated, based on the first day of the month following the date of your request.
Your access to the tool will be deactivated until you subscribe to a plan.
Have questions not covered in the FAQs? Email We’ll be happy to respond.

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