Beyond CRM,

an All-in-One tool

ProducerMAX consolidates your Clients, Contacts, Conversations, Certificates, and Commissions all in one place!

Highlight: ProducerMAX stores data in the agent's device and works without internet!
Local Storage
Instant access to client data
ProducerMAX is designed to give you the freedom to have instant access to your client information from anywhere at any time without internet connection. You can view\add\update your client plans, documents, demographics, contacts, conversations on the go!!!
Doesn't this empower you to be more productive??

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Highlight: ProducerMAX consolidates and integrates your client data spread across carrier websites!
Agent Data Centralization
Carrier agnostic importer
We know your data is spread across multiple carrier portals and spreadsheets. ProducerMAX developed a healthcare carrier agnostic through which you can quickly load your data into your device.
Let us help you to manage your data so that you can get back to selling as quickly as possible.
Did we say that we do the heavy lifting in unifying your data??

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Highlight: ProducerMAX encrypts client data in all devices!
Advanced Data Encryption
Meet HIPAA and NAIC Compliance
Let us take the worry out of HIPAA and NAIC cybersecurity regulations. ProducerMAX was designed to protect data within your device with leading cryptography algorithms.
Does it mean you no need to worry on hearing data breaches in cloud server??
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Highlight: ProducerMAX was designed to get to your client’s information in 2-3 clicks!
Light-Weight CRM
Tailored for Health Insurance Agents
Most CRMs aren't built for Healthcare, and they contain features that won't fit your needs. At ProducerMAX, we know Sales Agents and designed tool based on their feedback.
Don’t you want a tool that understands your language?
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Highlight: ProducerMAX allows you to track and forecast your Medicare commissions!
Commissions Calculation
Forecast future earnings
Have you ever struggled to forecast your commissions? With a click of button, ProducerMAX can forecast Medicare commissions for all major carriers through the end of the year. ProducerMAX’s audit feature will also help you find where you were not paid correctly.
Don’t you want to know your earnings before you see it in commission statement?
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Highlight: ProducerMAX consolidates your credentials!
Producer Credentials
Track your renewals from one place
At ProducerMAX, we understand you need to renew your credentials to stay in business. ProducerMAX provides a simple but comprehensive credential tracker through which you will be able to track all your Certificate, License, Insurance, Appointment, Contract, Education from single place. You can share your documents (like License) with carrier or agency at any time.
Don’t you prefer to organize your renewals with a customized alert rather than tons of email reminders?
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Easy to Use
Simple to understand. Easy to Operate
Most CRM tools provide weeks of training program to make you master in their tool. At ProducerMAX, we want you to spend your valuable time making sales rather than mastering in a tool. That is why ProducerMAX was designed to get to your client information within 2-3 clicks.
Most of our users have been successful managing their information after our one-hour live training, but we promise to work with you until you're comfortable using the tool on your own.
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  • Scan your client documents with security
  • Meet HIPAA and NAIC compliance standards
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