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ProducerMAX platform delivers turnkey solutions to
move carriers and agents closer to clients and leads

What is ProducerMAX
What is ProducerMAX?

ProducerMAX is a comprehensive agent-centric platform designed to help the broker in every facet of the sales and retention process.

From any device, agents can use the ProducerMAX platform to:

  • Manage book of business
  • Unify data from carriers and upline
  • Participate in carrier campaigns
  • Schedule activities for client outreach
  • Integrate leads from source systems
  • Provide self-service tools to clients

Take your business to the next level with our solutions
Agent Outreach
Agent Messaging System

Carriers send member messages to and through agent of record

Lead Distribution
Lead Distribution System

Distribute leads to your agent's mobile and measure their outcome

Client Management
Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Unify your clients, track needs and follow-up timely using our CRM

Client Self-Service
Client Self-Service Links

Share desired links with clients and receive completed information

Harness the power of brokers!
Don’t waste the power of broker relationships. Carriers can use ProducerMAX to delegate member outreach campaigns directly to brokers of record to optimize communication.

Solutions that work the way you do
Big Picture
Simplify your process!
Agents face the challenge of keeping up with data from multiple sources. Our platform provides an integrated view by unifying data from lead generation systems, carrier excel files and more.

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Ditch Email!
70% of emails are unopened by agents and most opened emails fail to generate a response. Bypass this inefficiency and deliver information, processes, and data directly to your agent's device.

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Ditch Email
Scope Of Appointment, easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !
Nurture Client Relationships!
More clients mean more business, but more clients mean less time to maintain that personal relationship. ProducerMAX organizes client and lead information including birthdays, activities, and previous discussions, plus Healthcare info like doctors, drugs and more. With ProducerMAX, you're always prepared for the next conversation.

Nurture Client Relationships
Support All Product Lines
Supports all product lines!
Many insurance agents cross-sell multiple types of insurance. ProducerMAX is designed with the flexibility to support all product lines, including ACA, Life, Dental, Vision, Auto, Group, Annuity, Hospital Indemnity, Property & Casualty.

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Turn visitors to leads!
'Contact Me' forms are outdated! Place our Schedule Appointment link on your website and turn your visitors into leads. Receive an instant text alert when a quote is requested.

Turn visitors to leads
Share with co-workers
Share with co-workers!
ProducerMAX helps small agencies deliver great teamwork by sharing work calendars, to-do activities, and client information. Agents maintain control by setting the access levels for agency leaders and co-workers.

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Works on any device!
ProducerMAX online platform is compatible with Mac, Windows and Chromebook. Our mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices, including iPads and tablets. It’s easy to set up and download.

Works on any device
Stop phone tag with clients
Stop phone tag!
End the missed calls and back & forth messaging. Offer your clients the option to schedule meetings directly into pre-defined timeslots. ProducerMAX automatically syncs with your Google and Outlook calendars.

Don't miss opportunities!
Ensure no sales opportunity goes to waste by keeping up with the needs of your clients and leads. ProducerMAX will remind you of the client to-do activities.

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Dont miss opportunities
Your data is safe and complaint
Your data is safe and compliant!
Clients are the lifeline of any business, and we take every precaution to make sure the information is secured and protected. We strictly adhere to all HIPAA compliance regulations. Our web app is hosted in a secured Amazon cloud. Our mobile app encrypts data and documents to protect from malware apps.
Work From Anywhere!
Our mobile app makes it easy for agents to work from their phones anywhere, any time. Click the button below to set up in your phone.
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