Gain Peace of Mind

on HIPAA and NAIC compliance

ProducerMAX encrypts your sensitive data across all your devices!

ProducerMAX employs an advanced cryptography algorithm to protect your data from cybersecurity risks.
Revolutionary Approach
Storage of your choice - LOCAL or CLOUD!!

So far, you've seen tools that force you to choose one of the two options:
(A) Secured cloud with internet-based access
(B) Local storage without security
ProducerMAX allows you to do both. You can store the encrypted data within your device, with or without internet access, as well as a cloud backup option as well!

ProducerMAX ProducerMAX ProducerMAX ProducerMAX ProducerMAX
Security Features

At ProducerMAX, we understand customers are the lifeline of your business and protection of their information is essential for you. Hence, we implemented below security features to protect your data:

Your data is protected by advanced cryptography algorithm
Your data is fully encrypted with 256-bit AES providing you with advanced protection against cyberattacks on your mobile and computer devices.
Your data is stored locally BY DEFAULT!!
ProducerMAX is designed to work locally even without internet connection. Your data always remains on your device and never leave it until you choose it to sync to mobile or any cloud account.
HIPAA Certified Amazon Cloud
Optionally, you can sync your data (AES-256 encrypted) across multiple devices seamlessly through HIPAA Certified Cloud. Your data is always transmitted in encrypted format. Encryption and decryption always happen locally on the device.
Security Certification
Certified by Intermountain Healthcare!!
Intermountain Healthcare, one of the leading multi-state carrier reviewed the security standards implemented in the design of computer and mobile apps of ProducerMAX and certified to use by their agents
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