What is our Lead Distribution System?

The traditional method of lead distribution through email has many challenges. ProducerMAX enables agents to receive leads from the lead generation source system or agency leader directly to their mobile device, and reminds them to follow up on opportunities and measure outcomes.

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ProducerMAX - What is Lead Distribution solution?
Key Features

Lead Integration

Lead Profile

Simple & Quick Setup

Mobile CRM App

Real-time Notification


Integration & API

Easy to Configure

Activities To-Do

Task Management

Measure Outcome

Track Feedback

Custom Fields

Configure Disposition

Upload Documents

Tough Security

AWS Hosting

Data Encryption

Simple to Learn

Easy to Use

ProducerMAX - Lead Management
Optimize Lead Management!

Ensure no sales opportunity goes to waste with our lead management platform. Track the status and source of every lead — and route leads to specific agents while prospects are still interested.

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Don’t loose hard-earned leads!

Our platform monitors untouched leads and can issue a reminder or re-assign as configured by campaign manager.

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ProducerMAX - Lead Management
ProducerMAX - Leads Delivery
Distribute Leads On Your Schedule!

Our platform allows you to distribute leads immediately or set a future schedule for delivery.

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Don't you and your business deserve these benefits?
  • Instantly complete CMS SOA form for walk-in leads
  • Fax paper application to carriers with no additional cost
  • Access client information without an internet connection
  • Refer nationwide plan summary of benefits with one-click
  • Safeguard client data & documents from malware apps
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