What is our Agent Messaging System?

ProducerMAX makes it easy for carriers to reach members through brokers of record by packaging the message, member information, outcome measures, and process structure into one, carrier-designed "campaign". Then we deliver the campaign directly to the broker's mobile device.

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ProducerMAX - Agent Outreach solution
Key Features

Campaign Management

Agent Distribution

Simple & Quick Setup

Mobile CRM App

Real-time Notification


Integration & API

Easy to Configure

Activities To-Do

Task Management

Measure Outcome

Track Feedback

Custom Fields

Configure Disposition

Upload Documents

Tough Security

AWS Hosting

Data Encryption

Simple to Learn

Easy to Use

ProducerMAX - Flexible Messaging
Campaigns as flexible as your business!
What's your message?
  • You are now eligible for Medicaid
  • You may want a diabetic assessment
  • Your PCP is retiring
  • Your plan benefits are changing
  • You're eligible for a special election

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Bypass Email challenges!

Stop competing for agent attention in their inbox. ProducerMAX skips over the email scrum and delivers your message directly to agent's devices.

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ProducerMAX - Bypass Email Challenges
Increase Broker Engagement

Insights on broker engagement!
Do you know the engagement levels of your brokers? Our platform provides you with which brokers agreed to participate in any campaign and what calls were made. With ProducerMAX, you'll know who is calling and who is being reached.

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Configurable Feedback Options!

Every campaign is different. ProducerMAX allows you to set up call disposition options specific to each campaign to ensure meaningful feedback from agents.

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ProducerMAX - Configurable Feedback Options
ProducerMAX - Customizable and Insightful Data
Customizable, timely and insightful data!

Conducting campaigns without measuring ROI hurts your business. ProducerMAX provides the outcome data you need to measure campaign progress and value.

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Don't you and your business deserve these benefits?
  • Instantly complete CMS SOA form for walk-in leads
  • Fax paper application to carriers with no additional cost
  • Access client information without an internet connection
  • Refer nationwide plan summary of benefits with one-click
  • Safeguard client data & documents from malware apps
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